Body Positivity isn't always so positive!

October 21, 2017


 Growing up, I was taught, to treat others the way I would want to be treated. Yet as an adult I find that so difficult to implement. I consider myself to be a rather kind person. I speak to strangers and hold doors without getting a thank you at times, its apart of life right ? Generally speaking,  many will not be to you what you are to them. Knowing this I have accepted many years ago that if I will give to anyone it will be with the best intent. I don't like tic for tac relationships because they tend to not be as genuine in my opinion. A person has a choice in how they choose to deal with you, but if someone is supporting you, I think its distasteful to not acknowledge them and or at least offer appreciation. Within this blog I shall speak more on how some of the interactions Ive had within the same plus community that was meant to build us up and connect us together, has begun its nasty process of tearing us apart. 

I jumped head first into the plus community back in 2012 as an aspiring plus model. I was so eager and full of hope, that I failed to do the most important part which was "Do your Research!" I traveled to every fashion show, I volunteered for events, entered every contest and had no idea how these things would be benefit me in my future. In retrospect I now realize that the biggest benefit that I gained in this time period was my relationships. Though the monetary benefits weren't grand, I gained support which many of you know is worth more than Gold. These support systems have helped me learn what my role and impact would be within the plus community. I truly admire the positivity and empowerment that I've encountered from these women and even men within the past few years. It has  kept me going when I truly thought I might have thrown in the towel many moons ago. 

Like many things in life there is an up side  and a down side to everything. Here is the down fall and its rather heavy of a cost to pay at times. The nasty truth about what I've experienced is that people aren't always so genuine as they claim their brands to be. I have purchased tickets and attended events that the host didn't even  acknowledge the guests to say thank you or even attempt to even interact with them. The reality is, the people who are supporting your brand are one of the many reasons why other brands want to collaborate with your brand. It is very important to be who you portray yourself to be in real life. I have interacted with people on social media with genuine  intent very often and when I get in their presence they act as if I am a ghost. Though these issues and concerns can and will be found in all groups no matter the size, I find it very disheartening to experience it within our small community. I thought this was a safe space to be around people like myself, unfortunately I soon realized that even things with good intent will sometimes have negative, and mean people. Which brings me to the reason why I created Plussizemeplz
Plussizemeplz is an inclusive brand that supports uplifts and empowers the everyday person. We use our social media outlets, blogs and events to bring the plus community closer. Though it is an amateur brand compared to many, its genuine message is making its way around the nation. I found that through modeling, that, you can't change people.  Instead of complaining constantly about what isn't happening, I decided to be an example  for change. This blog wasn't written to contribute to the negativity, but give hope that change is coming. I pour my heart and soul in this brand. I want my followers and readers to know that positivity is a choice. Ive made mine and I choose positivity everyday. If you choose to speak on an issue or complain about change, be the change. Be what you would want to see, everyday and in every way. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog ....
Happy Reading!


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