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March 8, 2019


Fashion, Style and unique looks.


Custom designs from Christian Omeshun always make my heart skip a beat. 


I met Ashontay Hubbard last spring on a brief trip to Atlanta! While I was there I had the pleasure of moderating a panel where she spoke openly about supporting Indie Brands that cater to all sizes. Her passion for fashion and being an inclusive designer for the growing plus community is what made me grow to love her. The question was " How can we further support Indie designers?" Her response " You have to support by purchasing the clothes that are made specifically for you. One can't continue to complain about not having stylish clothes, yet when  presented with the options, you don't purchase the garments. You have to be willing to embrace the brands that are willing to dress you." I fell in love that day lol. Not only because she is real but she speaks her truth.


The reality is, she is right. All up an down our timelines we have clothing brands that are marketing to the plus community and their styles are very safe! I love her designs because they give me class, style and sexy all in one polished look. My style switches up, but I like to stay true to clean looks, just in case I need to be jazzy and professional . I enjoy staple pieces that can be interchangeable and styled differently depending on the occasions and I can do that with her pieces. The super causal yet sparkly maxi dress below called " The Sequin Maxi " Has been styled up and down over and over.  (As seen below) I wanted to be cute and comfy at this exclusive Carol Daughter's event last year for Curvy Con in NYC. I wore this look and it was  a hit. I also wanted to dress down for my best friends birthday party and this dress was just enough to accomplish all I had to do and still be cute. 





Every Year I attend FFFWEEK for the All White Cruise. Last year I saw a picture of a dress that I wanted for myself. So what did I do? I reached out to my girl and asked her if she could create something that looked similar to my inspired look. Baby listen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compliments all night long. I absolutely loved it and it was very well made. Moments like these make me truly appreciate Indie designers like her because she doesn't make it look exactly the same, but actually EXCEEDS my expectations. The best thing about choosing a designer is, you get to have a roll in how the garment is made. What details you want to add or subtract, even the quality of the material. I wanted the piece to be worn over and over so the fabric was great quality and beading looked enchanted. Im still in Awe of how this look turned out





I know I love Ashontay Hubbard, but I wanted to ask some more questions so my audience can connect with her. CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW BELOW. 


Me: How long have you been a designer and where is your studio located ? 


Ashontay: I have been working in my production studio for 5 years now. I am located in Atlanta GA. 


Me: Do you have pieces available for purchase?


Ashontay: No, each garment is custom made to order or based on a previous consultation. 


Other than myself, What Other celebrities have you styled ? (inside joke, pulled a Keyisha Cole, LOL)


Ashontay: Girl , I can't name them all off the top of my head. (Giggles)

Raven Goodwin, Danielle Brooks, & Brely Evans to name a few.  



Me: What things would you like to see change as a Indie Designer catering to the plus community. 


Ashontay: Designers are struggling because people refuse to support us. I have seen countless Indie designers close down their businesses because people would rather buy from cheap websites that manufacture poor quality items. Those same individuals will complain about the fit and the cut of the garments, but won't pay to get custom pieces made that will last a lifetime. 


I also would like to see diversity and stylish changes in our Indie designers. I have customers that pay for quality  and staple pieces that last for years. However I also see designers not promoting their brands properly, we gotta do better. lol Ive learned how to make changes to my clothing by offering a better fit and better fabrics. By creating more stylish garments etc. I want to see more of this in our community and I want to see the community support us. 


Me: What School did you attend for fashion design? Was anyone In your family a seamstress? What lead you down this road?


Ashontay: I decided to be a designer because I am a plus size tall women and growing up I didn't see any thing I liked in the local stores. I wanted to change this because it made me feel left out. my Moto is " I want to MAKE THE ODD GIRL FEEL LIKE THE IT GIRL". 


I attended Bauder College for Designers, where I received an Associate in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Business Product Development with a Concentration in Fashion Design. This journey wasn't easy because no one in my family was a seamstress. I was following my dream, and I'm thankful to be doing what I love.  



Me: This new look that I now have, (THE RED CROP TOP AND WIDE LEG PANT)  what is it called? How can one book a consultation or order these pieces?


Ashontay: Its the Dana Interchangeable crop top that is interchangeable with multiple colors and styles on my website. The pants are the EXTRA WIDE LEG PANT both can be purchased online as a  custom order. 


Me: What is the website where people can purchase your unique garments?


Ashontay: My designs are on my website



On this year's International Women's day, I am high lighting Ashontay Hubbard because she is a women after my own heart. A real women with real goals and a passion to speak up for not only herself but designers around her. WE as women are the minority, but as a women of color the struggle in entreprunershiop is even harder. I stand with her and support her efforts and appreciate her dedication to bring us stylish  clothing! Cheers to you doll!


Photos - Juan Bacote 




























































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